“This is a huge experiment we’re all living through. How do you feel when you’re stuck inside?” Philippa Charrier

What do you do when your business is student lets and universities shut down? This is the problem facing Philippa and Tom Charrier of FAT Properties. Late last year I had the opportunity to interview Philippa for my podcast. It wasn’t published at that time so we caught up a couple of weeks ago to discuss what’s changed now we’re in lockdown and the rapid adjustments they’ve had to make in their business.

Philippa Charrier trained as an architect and urban designer and has 10 years of experience working in the public and private sectors facilitating high-profile urban regeneration projects throughout the UK and Australia. She understands the impact that the built environment has on people’s behaviour, mood and mental wellbeing. Six years ago she co-founded FAT Properties with her husband Tom alongside their busy family life as they saw a gap in the market to provide high-quality student co-living with a focus on customer experience and wellbeing. Every year they are oversubscribed with students and have a waiting list of investors wanting to work with them. They have been featured in the UK’s leading property magazines and podcasts.

FAT Properties are leading the way in promoting well-being in student co-living through great design and customer experience. They are currently undertaking groundbreaking new research across multiple UK universities investigating the link between student accommodation and wellbeing over time.

Their book ‘Designed for Wellbeing’ will be published in the next few months.

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