EP59: Nikki is the reason why I relaunched this podcast!

In this episode, I am joined by branding expert and transformational coach Nikki Trott who empowers people to be  ‘conscious entrepreneurs’. Find out what this means and how you can be more empowered in this conversation!

During the first lockdown, I worked with Nikki to help me in the midst of my own identity crisis. It was this work that leads me back to what I really enjoyed, this podcast. If you feel the same lack of purpose listen to Nikki shares her practical tips on balancing body and mind to create that holistic approach to wellness. She also shares inside information about her recently launched podcast, Going Conscious . 

ABOUT Nikki Trott:
Nikki’s mission is to empower people to unleash their power, true purpose, and positive impact on themselves and the world as a conscious entrepreneur. She is a certified transformation coach, helping clients crush blockers, align with their values, and unleash their impact with the TRANSFORM ON PURPOSE programme.

 She is also a brand strategy expert, helping clients translate their vision into strategic communications, growth and success with the CONSCIOUS BRAND PLATFORM method. Her podcast, Going Conscious, brings listeners new ways to live a more conscious life of fulfillment and freedom from entrepreneurs, academics, and change-makers.

Nikki is also an advisor for companies and charities and a speaker for brands and universities. Before aligning her values with her work, Nikki built her own consultancy company for fashion/lifestyle brands and has 10+ years of experience consulting 100+ brands, from Mulberry to Mango to Mercedes Benz, globally from London to New York to Berlin to Bangkok.

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