EP60: Many of us know what to do but come up with excuses for not doing it especially as working mums. Jennifer Nagel, CEO of Figured Out Fitness and certified personal trainer, and her team work with high performing women over 30 using proven methods to overcome the blockers and create a firm foundation of health that goes beyond the aesthetics. 

Jennifer Nagel shares some actionable tips about the small but effective changes we can make. After all, the way we feel has a direct impact on the way we perform in all areas of life.

Learn also the turning point of Jennifer’s career, her journey, fitness and health tips that you can include in your routines.

About Jennifer :

Jennifer Nagel is a certified personal trainer and CEO of Figured Out Fitness an online coaching company for women over 30 who want simple nutrition and fitness solutions that they can be strong, feel energetic, and live healthy lives.  

Through her signature 1:1 coaching program The Body Blueprint and free online community, Modern Women Getting Fit, she’s here to shake up what you THINK you know about health and fitness — while making it feel like the easiest thing since sliced bread. Her practical advice has been featured in MyFitnessPal, POPSUGAR Fitness, and Medium and top podcasts like Best of Both Worlds and A Purpose Driven Mom. 

And when she’s not coaching, you can find her watching sappy Netflix original movies, reading a good book, and planning her next travel adventure with her hubby.

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