I’ve finally got around to posting my new home redecoration. In October 2019 I moved to Rochester, Kent, from Hackney. I’ve rented a tired but cozy house a short walk from the historic centre, and importantly, a short roll out of bed to the children’s school. I left with little more than our clothes and have completely started from scratch

 Given that this is a rental until I can find my dream home, I just wanted to make it homely and comfortable for me and my three children. I set myself the task of spending just £15,000 on everything (including TVs, fridge etc) and all (except the aforementioned items) from IKEA. It took five IKEA deliveries and three trips to the Greenwich store, including £1,100 in returns for things that didn’t fit. The result, in my opinion, is a warm, serene (when the kids aren’t here) home I’m proud of and comfortable in. Even if this house is home for a few years rather than months, I’m happy with that. What do you think? Curious if you can see the value in how I’ve apportioned the funds and if you think it’s good, bad or about right for £15,000.