“The wonderful thing about sailing boats is that you’re always on your toes – you’re always racing a little.”

Those who follow me on socials will know that my partner Paul and I are avid sailors and love nothing better than escaping to the Mediterranean to spend time together with our families on his X-Yacht, Savvy of London.

So, it was an absolute honour for this episode to speak with X-Yachts CEO Kræn B. Nielsen, who is not only as passionate as us about sailing but also power-boating, open-water swimming and paddle boarding too.

Denmark-based Kræn’s love of sailing started as a child with classic small dingy lessons but, after writing a letter to one of his country’s best sailors, Olympic gold winner Jesper Bank, in 1992, he managed to join the national team. 

“Back then, I was a hardcore sailor but now I’m a hardcore cruiser,”  he tells me. 

X-Yachts was founded in 1979 and was responsible for the X-79, which won what was then the biggest yacht race in the world, Sjælland Rundt. The company is now renowned for its cruiser yachts, which can be fully customised so you can optimise your ideal boat for an alternative life at sea.

Kræn and I also speak about: 

  • The heritage of X-Yachts and the brand’s beginnings as the ‘Formula 1’ of sailing.
  • ‘Corona customers’ and how the pandemic has changed the way people feel about sailing and how achievable the yachting lifestyle is. 
  • The growth of the power boat market and the launch of the X-Power 33C.
  • Catamaran vs monohull – what’s better?

Find out more about X-Yachts at www.x-yachts.com and you can follow Kræn B. Nielsen on Instagram @kbrincknielson and facebook @kraen.nielson 

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