“In the 21st century, you can’t just rely on eating the best diet nutritionally, you have to think about what’s better for the world as well.” 

I have known my guest today for many years, having collaborated with him on a number of health, nutrition and body-building books in the noughties. 

James Collier is the co-founder and head of nutrition at Huel, a nutritionally complete powdered food brand that I happen to use every day. He is also the co-founder of the highly popular bodybuilding website MuscleTalk. 

Launched in June 2015, Huel was the brainchild of Julian Hearn, who partnered with James to design a formula for a healthy product that could become the future of food. Huel is now one of the most successful meal replacement companies in the world – not that James likes to call it meal replacement. 

“When you’re discussing what you’re having for dinner you don’t say: ‘shall we have pizza or replace it with fish and chips?’ Huel is a meal, it’s food in powdered or liquid form.”

Made with ingredients like oats, rice, peas, coconut and flaxseed, Huel contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals and is 100% plant based and sustainable. We talk about the how the product got off the ground and why sustainable nutrition has to be the future of food. 

We also discuss: 

  • The importance of recruiting well in business
  • Moving careers from the fitness to food industry
  • Macronutrient ratios and what they mean
  • How different nutrients interact with each other
  • Nutrition and mental health 

You can connect with James on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. Find out more about Huel at uk.huel.com