“A lot of girls don’t look in the mirror…they’re afraid of what they will see, of not loving what they will see, because of the imagery they are exposed to on social media every single day.”

Today’s guest, Marsha Powell, is the ambitious CEO of BelEve UK, a London-based charity created to offer support, guidance, education, confidence, self-esteem, opportunities, positive solutions, and role models to young girls. 

Having herself grown up in a large family (her mum was one of nine children and Marsha herself has three sisters), Marsha has been surrounded by love and support, particularly from women, all her life. When her mother died suddenly from cancer at just 52, Marsha created BelEve as her legacy – helping to keep her mother’s ‘magic’ alive. 

“I was 32 when my mum died so I know what it’s like, as an adult, not to have a cheerleader. But I also know what it’s like to have one,” she says. “What if I could recreate some of what my mum gave me for other girls who don’t have that?” 

Marsha believes every girl needs a mentor to be able to bridge the gap between their aspirations and reality and through BelEve’s various mentorship programmes, has supported 6,000 girls aged between eight and 20. 

As well as her work connecting and empowering young girls, Marsha is also the COO of Reliable Property Group, whose ambassador is none other than Rio Ferdinand, and before founding BelEve, she had a high-flying career in HR, all while bringing up two children. 

We also speak about:  

  • Society’s archaic view of leadership and what leadership really means.
  • Your network as your net worth and opening doors for young girls and women.
  • Marsha’s career in HR and studying for a Masters while bringing up her children.
  • Having a plan and being vocal with that plan to create opportunities.

You can find out more about BelEveUK by on Instagram @beleve_UK and at www.BelEveUK.org.

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