SailingSavvy EP2: Stuck on a boat with four children!

After Nicole and Paul’s successful first sailing experience as a new couple they decided it would be a great idea to spend the next season sailing with at least four of their children! Things started well until they got stuck just off the coast of the Mal Menor. After two days of trying to lift the anchor were they successful? You might need to wait until the next episode, but first of all, we hope you enjoy this one.

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SailingSavvy EP1: Woman meets man and boat

Our first episode is live! It’s been a labour of love but you can now watch our story. In the summer of 2018 I’d had a pretty tough few months and Paul invited me out to stay with him and some of his children aboard Savvy of London off the coast of Ibiza. I could tell you the rest of the story but then you won’t watch.

Spoiler alert: we’re still together nearly two years on so it must be a happy story 🙂

Take a look over on YouTube and do all the usual things such as like, subscribe and hit the notifications button.

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SailingSavvy lands on YouTubeFeatured

I told you I’d have some good news soon. Paul and I had had a tough time of it recently and what’s kept us going is escaping into sailing channels on YouTube like La Vagabone and recently, Sailing Fair Isle.

While we watched we realised that we have a story to tell too. We’re not a young couple sailing the world living on our boat. We’re a couple with careers that require us to be here, and young children still in school. For these reasons we just steal time when we can to head to the boat. Kind of like mini-retirements each year over the summer.

It’s looking unlikely that we’ll get to the boat anytime soon given the tragic pandemic. I’m using this time to up-skill by learning how to edit video, something I have a new respect for as it’s so time consuming! Here is the result of a few weeks of fiddling around with quite a few tips from a friend.

Head over to the new YouTube channel, SailingSavvy, and subscribe to be notified of new videos hopefully every Monday.

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