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In this episode, Susannah Cole answers all your questions revolving around properties, investments, and portfolio management.  Highlighting our very insightful conversation is her foresight to the industry and her powerful tips in maximising assets during this very unique situation that we are currently living with. We also get to take a peek at her point of view on how to navigate in the property industry as a woman and how she beat all odds. Plus, her view on why social media is an important way to build community and accelerate your brand.


Susannah started in property from her kitchen table, and since then has raised millions in private finance, sourced over £45m of property at an agreed purchase price of £30m, built a multi-million-pound property portfolio in Bristol, and run a successful buy to sell strategy, at one point with 30 projects on the go. Now Susannah splits her time between the UK and traveling the world. She is also a social media superstar with millions of views on Youtube through her social media channel The Good Property Company

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