EP33: “I think having good, positive values is important that’s what helps me sleep at night. That’s what motivates me, that’s what drives me. ” – Richard Blanco​

Richard Blanco is a London based landlord developer with properties in North, East and South East London. Areas of interest and his exceptional expertise include buying at auction, managing the development process, encouraging positive landlord-tenant relations, fundraising, and business strategy.

Richard is also a London Representative for the National Landlords Association, sets up and speaks at landlord meetings and works on policy, press and media campaigns. His recent television appearances include BBC, Sky & Channel 4 News. He also commented on housing issues on BBC Radio London, LBC Radio and Radio 4, plus appeared in a range of national newspapers and property websites.

Richard has featured in sixteen episodes of Househunters International which airs prime time in the USA, Canada and on Sky Living in the UK. He also presents NLA podcast and Share Radio programme, Inside Property.

In this podcast:
– how to build your property portfolio from scratch
– how to buy at auction?
– current state of the market.

Find out more: www.richardblanco.com
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