“Once you’ve been through the worst thing that could happen to you and you don’t die, it gives you an enormous amount of self-respect and confidence.” 

Today my guest is yet another fellow Australian, Bahar Etminan, who is founder and editor of Rescu, a digital magazine for women featuring curated content and advice on how to live a life more fabulous. 

The online collection of daily articles on style, substance, and success, have been written and curated by experts in a variety of sectors from technology, personal finance, and property to fashion, beauty and mindfulness. 

Bahar was a relatively early adopter of digital publishing technology in Australia and had to work incredibly hard to prove Rescu’s place alongside Australia’s once-thriving print-dominated magazine market. 

Since then her business has had to continue to adapt to meet the ever-changing landscape as marketers have shifted their advertising budgets from print to digital to social media and back again. 

Bahra talks about all the highs and lows of being a businesswoman, including how she lost everything in the Global Financial Crisis, and how she has managed to pivot her business post-pandemic by launching Rescu.Me Academy online courses.  

“The Global Financial Crisis was the most traumatic experience of my life,” she says. “The trauma of that business stress stayed with me a good 5/10 years…but it gave me new strategies for how to read the signs earlier.”

We also talk about: 

  • The effects of the pandemic on the publishing industry
  • The journey of agelessness and non-invasive aesthetics
  • What treatments you should be having perimenopausal 
  • How online learning has become a trend of the pandemic that is here to stay
  • Bahar’s top book recommendation – Lifespan by Dr David Sinclair 

Read Bahar and her team’s excellent range of lifestyle content for women at rescu.com.au and watch their videos on YouTube. You can also follow Rescu on Instagram @rescu.com.au.