EP34: “People ask me ‘what is it that pushes you Carl? And it’s always the next ‘can I achieve that? ” -Carl Hutchings , Elite Property Trading

Carl Hutchings played as a professional football player for over 13 years making over 300 football league appearances including Brentford, Bristol City and Southend United. Quite early in his career however he made a decision to take full responsibility of his financial future.

After being introduced to the property market through a close friend and mentor, Carl bought his first property at the age of 19 in New Cross, Peckham for £58.000! He then followed that up with another purchase in Fulham and those two properties alone netted him over £250.000 in profit by the time he turned 22 years old. He set up his first property company which had bought and sold over £5 million worth of property by the time he retired at only 29 years of age.

Now, Carl is the CEO of Elite Investments, the number one property company helping professional football players, athletes, and celebrities to build long term wealth through the property market.

In this podcast:
– Overcoming challenges
-How to transform your life
– What happens after retirement and why it can be a great point in your career.

Find out more at carlhutchings.co.uk or elitepropertyinvest.co.uk.
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