EP63: In this special episode I share with you the opening keynote speech I presented from  BuildIT & PropIT 2020in October. The brief was to deliver a speech talking about the importance of personal brand in scaling your business and attracting investment. As one of the early adopters of property crowdfunding and once the record holder for the highest amount raised in the UK I feel well placed to discuss this.

There’s actually a bit of a funny story behind this speech. It was delivered to a couple of thousand people from yacht sailing around the Greek Islands!

It went really well except…🙈

I managed to delete my whole presentation and only realised 4 minutes before I was due to to go live.

The night prior to the talk my partner Paul and I were going over the logistics of having solid WiFi on the boat and all the apps installed and ready. He suggested that I reboot by laptop so it would run smoothly. I took that a step further and decided to delete all the screenshots off my desktop. Then I emptied the bin, went to bed and woke up ready to present.

You should have seen my absolute panic when I realised that one of the “screenshots” was the PowerPoint. There were nearly tears. The conference organiser, Rion, was so calm and assured me it was fine to deliver without one. I gave it my all and attempted to be as animated as possible as one can through a screen.

After much searching it turns out there is no way to recover files despite the expensive apps you can download. A lovely chip on the 2020 version of my MacBook means it’s deleted permanently. Never to be recovered again.

A number of people have asked for the slides so I’m slowly rewriting them. They’ll be better than ever! So if anyone would like me to deliver a keynote on building your personal brand, I have the slides and am ready to present.

If you would like a copy of the slides please do drop me an contact@east-eight.com.

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