EP71:  If you haven’t read Nick Usher’s second book Elemental Change: Making stuff happen with nothing stands still, now the right time. While it is written with a corporate workplace in mind it is applicable to all of us in a world of change. Interestingly while many say we don’t like change, just our desire for a better version of ourselves is a desire for change.

In this episode, workplace and change strategist Nick Usher shares his learnings from years of experience working with leaders and as a leader for change.  Among other things, we discuss Stoicism, fatalism, perpetual beta and “day two” planning. He also offers us his well-informed view on the famed saying “Leaders are born not made”.

About Neil Usher:
Neil Usher has wrestled with complex change problems for almost 40 years, solving them with a rare blend of straightforward and creative thinking together with an eye for both strategy and detail.

He brings a wealth of client-side management and leadership experience from around the world in a variety of industries. He has held senior roles at Warner Bros., Honeywell, Rio Tinto and Sky amongst others, and is presently Chief Workplace & Change Strategist at GoSpace AI, the first artificial intelligence application for the workplace. He has been actively blogging about work for over a decade and his first book The Elemental Workplace was published in 2018.

He is a sought-after conference and academic speaker, always bringing a fresh perspective while challenging assumptions and myths. That said, he prefers to be thought of as ‘a regular bloke just trying to make sense of it all’.

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Hosted by Nicole Bremner :
Nicole is an investor, speaker, writer, and podcaster. After a frantic decade building out a property portfolio worth millions throughout London recent personal and professional setbacks forced her to stop and reassess what really matters. After a period of healing, Nicole realised that what comes after a setback is a success. Nicole focuses on telling these stories of #reboundaftersetback and the lessons learned along the way. 

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