“People have crossed the road to avoid speaking to me in the past and I can’t blame them.”

Today my guest is Helen Garlick – fellow author, divorcee, YouTube presenter and cocker spaniel owner! Until recently Helen was a family lawyer and mediator and has written six issues of The Which? Guide to Divorce, but she recently stepped back from all that to write her memoir, No Place to Lie. 

The book is a brutally honest memoir about the secrets that shrouded her family, namely her brother David’s suicide on St David’s day in 1981, and a secret her mother took to her grave – one Helen only found out about in a note written on the back of an envelope found in her mother’s belongings.

In the book, written in lockdown, Helen very eloquently unpicks and articulates what is often a really complex relationship with parents – in Helen’s case her relationship with her mother and her grandmother and grandmother-in-law. 

‘It wasn’t an easy relationship with my mother,” Helen explains. “She was just different, that’s what she wrote on her envelope. She could make people trip over, just by looking at them.” 

We also speak about:

  • The tender subject of maternal narcissism and the language of emotions.
  • Helen’s coronavirus vaccine experience with Hugh Bonneville.
  • Sobriety, the concept of ‘being present’ and surrounding yourself with a sober tribe.
  • ‘Blended’ families and the need for new vocabulary to describe the various roles within them
  • Attitudes towards suicide, Zero Suicide Alliance and the true cost of suicide. 

In 2023, Helen is walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats with her husband Tim to raise money for the Samaritans and other charities dedicated to suicide prevention. To find out more, follow Helen on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to her You Tube Channel, Hello! It’s Better to Talk

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