“The purpose of your life can be different to that thing that makes you feel alive.”

How many times have you thought hard about building a career on one of your passions? It’s the dream, isn’t it – finding your spark and then being able to make money doing the thing you enjoy?

My guest in this episode of The Nicole Bremner Podcast is Forex trader, educator and business owner, Lewis Crompton, who is all about making money work hard for you, rather than you working hard for your money. 

He travels the world teaching people how to trade, sometimes in front of over 14,000 people, earning him the nickname, The Travelling Investor. But, trading is not something that came naturally to him, nor is it his passion.

“It’s a skill that I’ve mastered and it’s given me the freedom, choice and ability to live my life of passion,” he says. “Trading for me is more of a purpose, it’s something that I do and help other people do because it’s a doorway to living the life you want to live.”

Lewis talks to me candidly about his religious upbringing, the serendipitous moment that led him to learn about trading through Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad process and how, six years later, he now has his own StartTrading community. 

We also speak about: 

  • The relationship between religion, money and personal identity.
  • Building a business community that is generous with time, energy and knowledge.
  • Trading as a facilitator for property investment and keeping things simple.
  • Technical analysis versus fundamental analysis.
  • The volatility of Cryptocurrency – should you invest? 
  • How to become a successful trader, safely, in less than 30 minutes a day.

You can follow Lewis on Instagram @lewis_crompton and download his free ebook, Stop Failing, Start Trading, here.

About The Nicole Bremner Podcast:
Nicole Bremner is an investor, speaker, writer, and podcaster. After a successful decade building a multi-million property portfolio in London, Nicole was forced by a number of external obstacles to stop, take stock and figure out what really matters in life.  

Following a period of healing and reflection, she discovered that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, so very often, setback is followed by real success. On The Nicole Bremner Podcast she speaks to others who have triumphed in the face of adversity and explores the lessons they have learned along the way. 

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