EP68: “I dunno, I’ll give it a go!” – James Burtt

2020 will be the year of podcasts with seemingly everyone starting one. But the listening numbers are increasing rapidly too. This is why I invited one of Europe’s top podcast trainers James Burtt to take us through his process. James has launched  129 podcast shows with over 80% of those shows landing in the charts and has hosted some top names like Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone and many more on his own podcast.

About James Burtt :

James Burtt is a multiple iTunes Top 50 Podcaster, a certified Performance Coach, and having launched 100+ podcasts for clients, an in-demand Media Trainer. His love of radio and broadcast started 14 years ago when he ventured into the world of Broadcast PR which led to him working with some of the world’s biggest household name brands and eventually led to him becoming a radio presenter.

James is an international keynote speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of
Les Brown and Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and – via his own shows – has interviewed
the likes of global influencer Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, Trunki inventor Rob Law
MBE, global fitness influencer James Alderton and a ton of other leading industry

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Hosted by Nicole Bremner :

Nicole is an investor, speaker, writer, and podcaster. After a frantic decade building out a property portfolio worth millions throughout London recent personal and professional setbacks forced her stop and reassess what really matters. After a period of healing, Nicole realised that what comes after setback is success. Nicole focuses on telling these stories of #reboundaftersetback and the lessons learned along the way. 

Connect with Nicole 

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