“Care homes still have a place in our society but it’s about finding a halfway point in retirement housing.” Andrew Fyfe

With the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic and numerous tragic fatalities in care homes I interviewed independent living strategist, Andrew Fyfe. We discussed the role of care homes and retirement living for today’s society and the way our approach needs to change if we are going to meet increased demand for suitable property. With 8.6 million more people reaching age 65 over the coming decades, demand for suitable accommodation is only going to increase. The vast burden of meeting demand is going to rest on housebuilders. It’s a subsector of this industry which could be very interesting for those quick to adapt their strategy and take specialist advice.

ABOUT GUEST Founded in 2019, Sovereign Property Partnership is the brainchild of two top University of Aberdeen Real Estate Masters Graduates. Through their academic studies and with a foot in the industry, they saw the gap in the market and recognised the difficulties facing retirees, developers, regulators and providers. They endeavoured to protect the independence of retirees, to fight for their right to remain sovereign. They reached out to the industry, formed partnerships with top universities and gathered a board of advisers with experience and insight. Most importantly, they included the very people they wished to help – retirees.

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