EP31: “Success is not just about providing finance; it is about creating an opportunity for all of our stakeholders.” – Tal Orly, Co-Founder & CEO, Cogress

A veteran of the UK property market with over two decades’ experience as a developer, Tal Orly is the founder of Symbia Realty Portfolio and an experienced global investor himself. He has been involved in large, complex urban property development projects since 1992. He has vast experience in acquisition, development, and resale in both the residential and commercial sectors.

As a licensed solicitor, Tal is well versed in the complexities of realty law in multiple markets, as well as the legal, financial, planning, and execution stages that are vital to increasing the value of property investment projects. He is the co-founder and CEO of disruptive property investment company Cogress. First within the UK, Cogress provides mezzanine and private equity loans to SME developers, and makes off-market property development opportunities accessible to investors who qualify.

To date, Cogress has committed £170m to 52 UK projects, with a combined GDV in excess of £1bn.

In this podcast:
– what is Cogress?
– how does Cogress work?
– how to enter an unknown market?
– current state of the market.

Find out more at: www.cogressltd.co.uk
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