“You can have a successful career, you can make all the money in the world, but if you’re afraid of food and losing control of your body, you are not happy.”  
*Trigger warning* This podcast contains content about eating disorders

Is it ever possible to really love your own body? Like many high-achieving young women, I slipped into an eating disorder in my late teens and early 20s. Thankfully having children turned me around, but what I was left with was body dysmorphia – what I see in the mirror is probably not what others see. 

In this incredibly open and honest episode, I chat to emotional eating, digestive and hormone expert, Amber Romaniuk. Amber helps  women achieve optimal health through mindful eating and self-care.  On her podcast, The No Sugarcoating Podcast, Amanda offers advice on difficult topics like food addiction, roadblocks with weight-loss, body acceptance and more. The show has had over a million downloads and is listened to in over 88 countries, which goes to show just how prolific these issues are. 

“90% of the female population is or has fought with some form of body image struggles,” she says. “Most of the women coming to me have been struggling for decades – it’s really consumed a lot of their lives.” 

Amanda has fought her own emotional eating struggles, having gained and lost over 1,000 lbs during her battle with food addiction. We talk about how she overcame that and learnt to truly accept her body. 

We also speak about: 

  • The multi-dollar diet industry and how it fuels self-sabotage 
  • The physical symptoms of emotional eating 
  • Techniques to help build awareness and understand triggers to emotional eating
  • How to break the cycle and gain food and body freedom 

To take Amber’s quiz to assess your eating habits visit: amberapproved.ca. For more inspiration and advice, follow @amberromaniuk on Instagram and listen to The No Sugarcoating Podcast.