“The story of me has been really hard work, loads of self-analysis, a bucket load of therapy and also giving myself permission to have a team around me that help me be me.”

Today’s guest on The Nicole Bremner Podcast is partly to thank for me being able to speak eloquently in public as her Pitch Perfect Club is where I learnt so many helpful skills in this area.   

Comedienne, MC, West End performer, speaker mentor, podcaster and filmmaker Em Stroud has many strings to her bow and joins me straight from filming a trailer for her new immersive film about mental health and how we “show up” in life and business. 

Em’s mission is to get people to laugh, think and play more through her global movement Laugh, think, play. 

 She speaks candidly about her upbringing and how it has led to making certain decisions in life and business, choosing to become a mum and how that has helped her look in the mirror and ask:

“Who am I if I pull away the identity of my work, what does ‘Em’ really stand for and how do I want to show up in the world?”

We also speak about: 

  • Friendships in business and the antidote to Cancel Culture. 
  • The meaning of ‘showing up’ and having the courage to question who you are and reflect on your identity. 
  • Vipassana meditation and how it led to Em making a huge life choice.
  • Em’s Clowning Around podcast and how comedy can aid personal development.

Em’s book Lessons from a Clown: What the Clown Taught the Business Coach publishes in May. You can follow Em on Twitter @emmastroudldn and get updates on her podcast and new film by following @clowningaroundpodcast and @reframedtheshow on Instagram.  Find out more about Em at emmastroud.london 

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Following a period of healing and reflection, she discovered that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, so very often, setback is followed by real success. On The Nicole Bremner Podcast she speaks to others who have triumphed in the face of adversity and explores the lessons they have learned along the way. 

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