“Imagine, you’re coming back from your honeymoon, you’re newly married and you’re told you can go back to Florida but your husband can’t go with you – it was so shocking.”

On February 22, 2007, something truly devastating happened, which turned Canadian-born Lauren Cohen’s life upside down. On returning to America, where she lives, from her honeymoon in Thailand, her husband was deported and told he could never return to the US. 

This sparked a journey that has seen Lauren become a top international immigration lawyer, helping others to avoid a similar fate. She is now a bestselling author, speaker and cross-border expert with a globally-acclaimed advisory service, assisting entrepreneurs and real estate professionals and investors expand their global footprint so they can live, work and play anywhere in the world. 

Lauren tells me about how she recovered from this traumatic time in her life, her new book, Finding your Silver Lining in the Business Immigration Processand the countries to invest at a time when the world is recovering from a global pandemic.  

“I think right now the most appealing country would be Israel…if I was to immigrate anywhere, it would be there,” she says.  

We also speak about: 

  • Cross-border barriers between America and Canada.
  • Citizenship by investment and how that can be a path to gaining an American visa. 
  • How the Biden administration might affect immigration and the real estate market in the US. 
  • The new tax havens gaining popularity across the world. 
  • Lauren’s Creative Cross Border Academy and the 7 steps to investing across borders.  

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