“The value of time for entrepreneurs is the most important thing.”

Have you ever felt a need to clone yourself? I know I have. Running a business,  family and podcast – there just never seems to be enough time in the day. 

I have today’s guest, the queen of delegation outsourcing expert and coach Imogen Cook, to thank for taking some of the pressure off my shoulders  as she introduced me to Kim, who runs this podcast. 

In 2015, Imogen went from a full-time corporate world that she hated to launching a dynamic company that helps entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses by leveraging high-quality, yet affordable, Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. 

Her idea for The Freedom Geek came about while she was building her own real estate business, where she raised finance from angel investors to fund property projects. Facing burnout, she ran an advert on a Filipino job website looking for someone she could delegate to. 

Inundated with responses, and surprised by the quality of the skillset available, Imogen hired one virtual assistant, then another, and soon friends and business associates were asking her to help them hire a VA too. 

She has since refined and developed a bullet-proof process for finding the best talent from the Philippines, helping overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs around the world outsource and lesson the burden of business. 

If you’re doing lots of admin as the owner of your business and it’s not driving the business forward, no wonder you’re in pain,” she says.

We also speak about:  

  • The work from home phenomenon and the increase in demand for cross-border outsourcing solutions.  
  • The importance of measuring your time and the value of a time solution versus a money solution.
  • VAs as more than just admin assistants and the scope of their skills.
  • How to be a Queen of Delegation and which tasks to delegate.

Find out more about The Freedom Geek at thefreedomgeek.com. For a copy of Imogen’s 100 Tasks to Delegate, contact her via her Instagram page @thefreedomgeek_rebellion

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Following a period of healing and reflection, she discovered that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, so very often, setback is followed by real success. On The Nicole Bremner Podcast she speaks to others who have triumphed in the face of adversity and explores the lessons they have learned along the way. 

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