“When we first started computing, computers were the size of rooms, now the devices are in our hands and on our wrists. The next logical step is in our field of vision.”

 What is the future of technology? When you think back to how computers and devices like mobile phones have changed since they were first introduced, it’s quite astonishing – if a little scary. But how can this technology be used positively when it comes to our built environment? 

My guest today is Jordan Kostelac, who is Director for Proptech in the Asia Pacific region for real estate firm JLL. JLL is not so much a property firm but rather a tech firm that provides for the property industry and in September 2019 formed JLL Technologies. 

Based in Hong Kong, Jordan’s role is to solve challenges in real estate through the creation and deployment of Property Technology and says that the next 10 years will see augmented reality become commonplace.  

We talk about how human and technological innovation are pushing our buildings in new directions as occupants demand the highest levels of comfort and functionality.

“Most buildings have such a long way to go to really be technologically contemporary,” he says. “There’s tremendous amounts of opportunity.” 

We also speak about:

  • The concept of a digital twins and the ability to carry our tasks without being physically present. 
  • Whether technology can ever completely replace human connectivity.
  • Josh Wolfe’s half-life of technology intimacy concept and how, with each advancing period of time, technology becomes less visible and less distant. 
  • The difference in technology advancement between the East and West, developed and developing worlds. 
  • Jordan’s other business venture – Hong Kong’s first local craft cidery, Neonotic. 

 You can follow Jordan and JLL on Twitter @Scopelessness and @JLL and keep up to date with news from Jordan’s brewery on Instagram @neonoticbrews.