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Starting out as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, John made his first investment when he was 25. A ‘nothing down’ deal after a weekend seminar on the same. Yes, a Saturday and Sunday weekend seminar followed by exchanging on a purpose by Monday afternoon. They did not say you had to go slower. John is a proper software engineer who spent years working on interesting projects with famous people and companies you would recognise. In the 1990s John moved to London to take up an IT role at Swiss Bank Corp. The oldest of the 3-big Swiss banks. After some mergers, the name changed to UBS. These days, John is a multi-national landlord with property from Hawaii to Bradford. Yes, a spread of 11 time zones and multiple legal systems. Real estate really is all about finance the legal details. Having received a lot of help from others along the way, John is happy to speak with people when they have questions. He runs an Ask John hotline where people can book in for a 20-minute call. No strings. Just a bit of ‘Pay it forward’.

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