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‘The funding puzzle is quite organic. What was once the way to get funded can be affected by the economy, lenders own situations, changing needs of the borrower, interest rates, geopolitical situations…’ After a career in Corporate Banking helping large listed companies with their funding needs, Piragash Sivanesan set up Totum Finance in order to support SME businesses and property developers improve their access to finance. He has worked at KPMG , Lloyds Banking Group, and Royal Bank of Scotland, across credit, front office, restructuring, and turnaround divisions, in a career spanning over 14 years.

In this podcast:
– seeing through the ups and downs of financing a project
– crowdfunding and changes in the lending landscape
– starting your own finance business Piragash has worked with London Central Developments on several projects, working tirelessly to get results.

I’m grateful for all the support he has given through some fairly hair-raising moments. Piragash is also a member of the Devonshire Forum for Quorum Property Club