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Having left school at just 18 years old Ollie started to look for a “real” job. To keep him in petrol money for his racing cars Ollie started selling discontinued bathroom products on eBay. His eBay strategy snowballed and he never found the “real” job. Instead, Ollie focused on building his bathroom product company. At just 19 years old the Bathroom Cellar was incorporated and now has a distribution hub, office, and showroom based in Kent. Seeing the frustration involved in buying full bathroom suites from multiple retailers and wholesalers Ollie came upon the idea of selling full bathroom suites perfectly curated to your individual bathroom. In 2017 he founded Salacia of London, a disruptive, online bathroom brand alongside long-term family friend Jamie Dixon and Creative Director Simon May. In early 2018 I came onboard as the marketing director. Ollie lives a life that many people only dream about with winters spent in Barbados and summers in St. Tropez. His passion really lies in fast cars and one very unusual license. What struck me about Ollie is just how grounded he is despite his early success and the lifestyle he now lives. Take a listen to hear how this 25-year-old reluctant entrepreneur is changing up an industry he was born into.