Property Investor, author, and Londonphile Sally (Jing Wang) talks about what it’s like to be a Chinese Investor in London – a perspective you don’t often get to hear. Born in China, she has spent the last 17 years working, living, and investing in property in the UK. Author of two property books Buy Smart: what you need to know when investing in UK properties, and her latest book being released this week EXTRAordinary: a peek into UK property magnets’ minds, she has a unique perspective on the property market. The Chinese version has been picked up by one of the best publishers in China and is going live nation-wide from the 12th of May. In this book, she has managed to interview some of the top property ‘legends’ in the U.K. including the founder and chairman of the Berkley group. The book is full of untold stories, fascinating facts, and timeless wisdom. She is the Founder and Director of SJW UK Property Investment Ltd. A company focused on helping the Chinese with their property investments in the UK property market. She has a great passion for three things: business, property, and writing. And it seems that she has managed to combine all her passion together beautifully.

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