EP78: It’s easy to forget that many of the high street and travel chains collapsing were already on that path pre-covid. The global pandemic has just been the nail in their coffin, unfortunately. But there are some good signs coming out of this beleaguered sector. I was joined by Jayne Rafter, co-publisher of RLI, Retail Leisure International, a long-running print and digital magazine about some of the trends she believes will save those companies nimble enough to adapt to changing consumer demand and habits.

Interestingly RLI faced its own challenges at the start of lockdown quickly switching from print-only to both digital and print. In doing so they increased their circulation from 20,000 a month to over 65,000 digital subscribers and growing.

About Jayne Rafter :
Jayne Rafter is the Co-Founder & Publisher of RLI, the world’s only global retail and leisure magazine established in 2004, and the Global RLI Awards which celebrate retail and leisure excellence on a global scale now in its fifteenth year. Jayne has over 30 years, experience in the sector and a proven track record for publishing well-respected, high-quality magazines.

Jayne’s renowned reputation internationally has enabled her to connect retailers, leisure operators and entertainment concepts with potential partners, operators, owners, and developers worldwide. Last year Jayne launched a new industry podcast, ‘RLI Talks’, A weekly inspiring podcast with iconic retail leaders, sharing interesting insights and secrets to success in the world of retail & leisure.

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Hosted by Nicole Bremner:
Nicole is an investor, speaker, writer, and podcaster. After a frantic decade building out a property portfolio worth millions throughout London recent personal and professional setbacks forced her to stop and reassess what really matters. After a period of healing, Nicole realised that what comes after a setback is a success. Nicole focuses on telling these stories of #reboundaftersetback and the lessons learned along the way. 

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