EP66: Planning expert and qualified barrister David Kemp joins me to discuss one of the most confusing areas of property development. We talk about the recent changes to planning legislation and the possibility of a centralised government planning function that could speed up the process, provide more continuity and finally push the local authorities to spend the CIL payments sitting in their coffers. David also weighs in on land and rental values for commercial and businesses and his view on the possibilities for our high streets and retail premises.

About David Kemp

David Kemp has more than 20 years’ experience in planning consultancy, and is a qualified barrister, solicitor, planning consultant, and chartered surveyor.  His background in advising Councils as well as private clients, combining legal experience with planning practice, uniquely distinguishes him from other planning consultants, bringing together a developer-focused and commercial approach with a robust insight to policy and law.  DRK Planning works closely with investors and developers to help successfully deliver residential development projects throughout the UK, whether PD, Commercial conversion or redevelopment projects, sometimes looking at projects on a risk-sharing basis.

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Hosted by Nicole Bremner
Nicole is an investor, speaker, writer and podcaster. After a frantic decade building out a property portfolio worth millions throughout London recent personal and professional setbacks forced her stop and reassess what really matters. After a period of healing Nicole realised that what comes after setback is success. Nicole focusses on telling these stories of #reboundaftersetback and the lessons learned along the way. 

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