“If you don’t have a sustainability strategy that can stand the test of time, then you’re unlikely to succeed.”

My guest this week is my good friend Josephine Bush – one of the most intelligent people I know. Josephine is a passionate advocate for the green and sustainable sector, deploying strategic, commercial and transactional skills to support clients in decarbonising, with an emphasis on the development of commercially effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies that robustly manage risk as well as opportunity.

She worked at Ernst & Young Global for 15 years, during which time she led the delivery of a global renewables business plan and pioneered the build of EY’s renewables tax practice. She also sat on EY’s Power & Utilities Board, representing the tax practice for UK&I and renewables practice across EMIEA.

Jo is focused on driving forward a low carbon economy for future generations by building a community of ESG specialists and interested parties to help businesses and individuals transition to net zero. 

We discuss our role within the environment as individuals, investors and businesses in the developed world and how we all need to adapt in order to survive.

“We are in a state of emergency…we’ve gone beyond the point of no return, we are severely damaging our environment in a way that we cannot recoup what we’ve lost,” Jo says. Against this backdrop, of the damage man is doing to the environment, corporates and investors are having to think what it means for them.”

We also talk about: 

  • What constitutes an ESG company?
  • The Terra Carter sustainable markets initiative 
  • The power or pension funds within the environmental agenda 
  • Scope 3 emissions and supporting the supply chain
  • Net-zero contributions and how to calculate your carbon footprint

Jo’s podcast, Sustainability and You features interviews with experts in science, academia, government, business, NGO’s and economists who influence and shape the race to net zero. Find out how to listen in by following @sustainability_and_you on Instagram and @Josephine_bush1 on Twitter. To contact Jo visit: Jobushgcv.com.