“If you don’t have a digital strategy yet, it’s time to start thinking about it because what we’re witnessing in the cryptocurrency market is the biggest wealth generation event of our lifetime.” 

For anyone struggling to get to grips with cryptocurrency and how it all works, this episode is for you! 

Nick Prouten is a veteran of the tech sector and COO of LODE, a blockchain-powered gold and silver money system that is reinventing money as we know it. 

An expert in driving project growth, Nick uses his unique leadership style and vision to cultivate seamless paths to create value and transcend goals. 

A firm believer that diversity is strength, he has worked in a wide array of industries, ranging from cybersecurity, gaming, real estate, entertainment and blockchain.

So, what is blockchain? Nick explains: “Blockchain is a virtual handshake that uses consensus algorithm (a series of computers that reach the same agreement, rather than have an intermediary like two banks) to validate that value is being transferred from one individual to another. eliminating the need for a financial institution or visa institution to validate the transfer of funds.”

We discuss the different types of cryptocurrencies blockchain technology enables, how they work and if they are a worthwhile investment. 

We also talk about: 

  • The millions of funds lost to forgotten passwords
  • What is Bitcoin? The pros and cons of the cryptocurrency
  • Putting silver and gold back to work in day-to-day commerce 
  • The challenge of cryptocurrency as a practical spending tool