Have you been a victim of fraud in the property industry? Unfortunately I have, hence the reason for my silence over the past months. But I’m not going to remain silent any more. 

The property industry is rife with charlatans. Every day I am contacted by people asking for help on how to invest their money into property. And I’m concerned for them. Many chancers will take their money and people are too eager to give it to them to manage on the promises of strong returns. Premeditated or not, too often things go wrong. 

I’m launching a new podcast series “How To Lose Millions In Property” which gives and in-depth look into one large scale, systematic programme of deceit with the goal of warning others what not to do. 

If you too have been a victim and wish to tell your story as a warning to others please get in touch. It can be anonymously if you’d prefer. Be prepared to have evidence of the wrongdoing and not just a grievance. I hope no one ever experiences what I have been through.