Ten years ago I was at home raising three children under three and unsure what my future held. Fastforward to 2020 after ten years with hands on property development, which saw us develop out hundreds of properties across London, I’ve taken a step back, left London and changed my focus.

At first the fast pace and excitement of being a hands-on property developer was exciting. I enjoyed travelling around to the various sites in construction and raising funds via crowdfunding. But in the last few years this has changed. Now with the backdrop of the ballooning housing crisis my focus is creating homes that are fit for purpose whether that be PRS, affordable or social housing. There’s a clear requirement for this across the country to meet demand.

While I still hold some of my own property investments I’ve diversified, a little, and invested in property auction company Bamboo Auctions and music merchandise company Terrible Merch. I sit on the boards of these companies as well as Cogress, an alternative finance company. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing and have regular columns with Modern Woman and Development Finance Today magazines and am a best selling author of Bricking It, with another book on the way. When I have a bit of time I’m happy to speak at events and have bookings in Dubai and Canada during 2020. More recently I’ve started consulting on a St James’s Place initiative with SeventySeven Wealth Management and Elephants Child to assist property entrepreneurs scale their businesses (see here for details).

You can follow along with my business life on my socials mostly Instagram @nsbremner but also Facebook @NicoleSBremner and Twitter @nicolebremner. Last, but not least, check out my podcast which is one of my favourite endeavours

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